24 helmikuuta 2017

Green weekend

My German blog friend Mascha has this new meme - Color go hope. It's all about the color green. At the moment outside there is no green except conifers. Therefore I searched through my archives some random greenish photos.

Kukkailottelun sietämätön vaikeus

Kissani Sissi syö sisällä kaiken elävän, ei voi mitään.
Halusin kuitenkin ostaa pientä keltaista kevätiloa kotiin, erityisesti mielessä oli kevätesikko.
No, ne olivat kaupassa ohikukkineita, joten päädyin tulilatvaan...

The unbearable difficulty of enjoying flowers!
My cat Sissi eats absolutely everything living green inside the house.
Yet I wanted to buy some spring joy, a yellow primula but they were over bloomed...
I had to content with this kalanchoe...

Esillä on edelleen kookas kynttilälyhty, jouluvaloineen - voi apua!
Sinnepä siis sijoitin tämän kukkasen,
jotta se olisi Sissin pikku hampailta turvassa.

I put the pot in a large lantern that still lies on the living room table...
With Christmas lights - omg!

Siellä tuo peto vaanii! :) Now no way to munch!

In 1,5 years I have not photographed as little as in February - only 4 session!

Mukavaa aurinkoista viikonloppua - have a sunny weekend!!

Five on Friday

It's time to sum up 5 things for Amy's Five on Friday!
I noticed that the hostess is changing in March.
So I wish to thank you Amy for having hosted this lovely meme ❤︎
It's a lot of work, so I understand it is time to let others take care.

As to my post, I'm short.

1 Reading
I have read a lot, mostly newly released Finnish books.
But this book of short stories from the 1980s was a true find - I recommend:

2 Literature evening
Recently I attended the 2nd Kirja vieköön! literature evening of this year.

The guest writers on the stage were interesting, including Koko Hubara,
a multiethnic brown girl, writer, journalist and blogger at her 
blog Ruskeat tytöt / Brown Girls.

Me and some other book bloggers

3 Photographing challenges
I participate weekly in some challenges. Here my photos for
Makrotex Challenge 'Seasoning' & Color Collage 'Strong Colors'.

Papaver orientale, Meconopsis cambrica, Alcea rosea 'Nigra'

4 ATP Rio de Janeiro
It is great that I can watch the tournament live on my couch.
Top ten players are not in Rio, but I'm a fan of some,
for e.g. the Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopoulos.

5 Winter vs Summer
We got a lot, I mean a lot of new snow. I'm waiting for spring, no snow  - no more!
A few days ago I posted a hilarious poem from the famous Finnish poet
Ilpo Tiihonen - Oh heiferiness and humaness.
It might be worthwhile to look at the link, the poem is really great fun!

Wishing you a great weekend!

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